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Volleyball Game Played By Two Teams Of Six Players

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A Volleyball game played by two teams of six players on one side. Where the players use their hands to volley an ball across an elevated. Net and attempt to get the ball to touch the court inside the opponent zone before it returned. To avoid this, one player from the opposing team will bat the ball up. Towards a player before it reaches the court surface. The teammate then allowed to return it to the net or pass. It to a third player who then volleys it over the net. Each team permitted only three times to touch the ball before it has to returned to the net.

Volleyball History

Volleyball created around 1895, by William G. Morgan who was the physical director for the Young Men’s Christian Association YMCA located in Holyoke, Massachusetts. It created to an indoor game for businessmen who felt that the existing game was too demanding. Morgan was the first to call the sport mintonette, until a professor from Springfield College in Massachusetts. Observed the volleying character of the game and suggested the term volleyball. The original rules drafted by Morgan and published in the initial publication of official Handbook of the Athletic League. Of the Young Men’s Christian Associations of North America 1897.

Volleyball brought into Europe by American soldiers throughout World War I and national associations created. It the Federation Internationale de Volley Ball FIVB founded at Paris the year 1947. And relocated into Lausanne, Switzerland in 1984. The USVBA was among the 13 founding participants of FIVB and its membership increased. To over 210 member nations at the end of the 20th century.

International volleyball competitions started in 1913 when an inaugural Far East Games, in Manila. From the beginning of the 1900s and up to World War II the sport of the sport of volleyball played in Asia took place on a bigger court and had a lower net, and with nine players in a team.

The world volleyball championships sponsored by FIVB for males only in 1949, but for both women and males in 1952 and subsequent years resulted in the acceptance of standardized rules of play and officiating. Volleyball made an Olympic sport for women and males during the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Gameplay Game

Volleyball requires only a small amount of space and equipment, and can played outdoors or indoors. It is a game takes place on a court with a smooth surface 9 meters 30 feet wide and 18 meters 60 feet long. It is divided by a central line into two equally sized areas that are chosen by or assigned by each of the teams. The players are not allowed to step over the canter line when playing the ball is being played. A line that is 3 meters 10 feet from and parallel to the center line in each side of the court is the line where the back court player can not throw the ball over the net from an area that is higher than the edge in the net.

This offensive move, also known as killing, or a spike typically executed best and with maximum force near the net by players who in the forward line. A net that tightly stretched placed precisely above the center line. Official the net’s sizes measured at the highest of the net to the court surface in center of court range from 2.4 meters 8 feet for males as well as 2.2 meters 7.4 feet for women. Other adjustments to net height can made for younger players and those who require lower nets.